How to train cardio

Why ice skating?

Ice skating offers great aerobic training. Skating allows you to keep a steady tempo and control your pulse, especially when you skate wide circles at a skating rink. The even surface of the rink allows you to skate without any interruptions. There are no obstacles (except for other skaters of course), no uphill or downhill on the track. You can skate in circles with the same speed for as long as you can without any stops.

Alternative to other sports

Ice skating is an alternative to spring and summer sports (especially if you skate on inline skates). It’s discouraging and rather impossible to train outdoors during winter because of inclement weather. It’s exactly the opposite with ice skating. During winter you can skate on frozen lakes and skating rinks. There are many skating rinks, at least one in most cities (some of these rinks have roofs and are open all year long), there are also frozen lakes in winter. If they are stable and frozen enough, you can skate on them (but if you do so, take at least one person with you for safety).

So, as you can see, you don’t have to stop your aerobic training in winter. You can switch to winter sports. Also see cross-country skiing.

It’s fun and it’s healthy

Ice skating is one of the most pleasant sport disciplines. It’s even more fun when you have a chance to skate on natural lakes and ponds (but only when you are sure that they are safe and won’t crack).

Ice skating, like roller skating or cycling, can be a great way to forget about everyday problems and spend some time one-on-one with yourself or simply spend time with friends. Collective training is a good way to diversify the exercise. Just think about cool wind on your face, the laughter of your friends, the beautiful surface of the rink, and maybe the snow falling down all around you. Does it seem like something unpleasant? I don’t think so.

Ice skating has many health advantages:

  • It improves your efficiency.
  • It develops your muscles, especially leg and back muscles.
  • It burns calories.
  • It doesn’t stress your ankles or joints thanks to the smooth movement.
  • It improves your state of mind.

Even if you aren’t planning to train intensively and control the pace of skating, it will be beneficial for you to go to a skating rink from time to time.

But you have to remember that if you really want to see good results you have to train systematically.