How to train cardio


Cycling can give you many physical and psychological advantages. While riding, you burn as many calories as you would while walking briskly, and you move a lot faster. Cycling causes the heart to pump the blood faster; it lowers your cholesterol level, prevents arteriosclerosis, and provides other benefits as well. Steady exercise oxygenates the blood, improves the volume of lungs, and strengthens the heart. Your overall conditioning improves as does your efficiency and immunity.

Cycling doesn’t stress joints, bones or tendons.

You don’t need any additional accessories or a new outfit to ride a bike (except for a helmet, of course). There are many special bicycle routes and tracks out there, and you can ride a bike almost anywhere - in the country, in the city, in the mountains, in the woods, or on special riding tracks - the sky is the limit!

Besides all this, you can use a bike as a means of transportation while moving around the city - save some money while you improve your fitness level.