How to train cardio

Why cycling?

Cycling is for everyone

Everyone can ride a bike. You don’t need any additional equipment or special clothes to ride a bike (except for a helmet, of course). You just need to put on shorts and a T-shirt and you’re ready to go!

The same is true with choosing a route - you can cycle almost anywhere - in the country, in the city, in the mountains, in the woods, or on special riding tracks. The sky’s the limit!

Besides, riding a bike is one of the most pleasant forms of spending free time. It’s relaxing and takes us away from the troubles of everyday life. Why sit on the couch, especially when the sun is shining outside, when you can go for a ride, even a short one, accompanied by a friend or a whole group of friends.

Cycling will help you move from one place to another

Cycling can be a means to an end. You can use it to reach a destination; for example, if you have to go to work, send a letter, or visit someone, you don’t need to spend money on gas or use crowded public transport. You can just grab your bike and go!

If you can combine commuting to work with training, why not? It’s called bicycle commuting, and many people do it. It can be more than just convenience; it can be a way of life. And the money you save on gas or buses? You’ll spend it on something else, something much more pleasant.

You’ll lose weight

Biking will help you lose weight. You burn calories when cycling - it’s even better than brisk walking.

Riding a bike has many physical advantages. It doesn’t overstress the joints or bones. This means that you can train for a longer time with no consequences. Many professional trainers say that lighter, longer training is much better than hard short training.

Cycling is a good way to improve blood flow, avoid arteriosclerosis and decrease cholesterol. Good blood flow in the legs will help you avoid varicose veins.
Continuous exertion provides the blood with oxygen, increases lung volume and improves the heart’s work - your overall efficiency improves. You’ll become more resistant to stress and fatigue, your endurance will get better, and you’ll lose some pounds.

In other words – biking has many advantages!