How to train cardio

Cycling as aerobic training

Riding a bike offers very good aerobic exercise with lots of advantages.


Riding a bike for 30 minutes without a break will take you a considerable distance - approximately 9–12 miles. That is a good distance, and you should be aware of it. In order to train, you have to choose a route that will give you the opportunity to ride for a long distance.

Steadiness and intensity

Aerobic training is most effective when it’s steady. But, remember, for the training to be effective, don’t ride a bike slowly and without any exertion.

Riding a bike can be rather easy and not require too much exertion, so even an average, non-athletic person can ride a bike for an hour or even longer. However, if you want to increase your endurance, you have to put in an effort. It’s good to record your breathing and your pulse to make sure that you train as effectively as possible.

You should also choose your route so that you can train as steadily and regularly as possible. Note that you should avoid too many intersections, lights and other obstacles that slow you down.

Of course it‘s difficult to find 12 miles of a straight track to ride on, so it’s very probable that you’ll encounter some obstacles - but the fewer the better.

The best bike that you can buy is a bike with gears, which will help you adjust the difficulty level to the type of the track. This way you’ll be able to modify the level of exertion.

Of course, every kind of physical exertion is good for the body, so even if you are planning on riding your bike only to work, it will benefit you. It’s definitely worth doing, but if you really want to get fit and lose some weight, you have to put some effort into it.

Regular training

Aerobic training, in order to be effective, has to be regular and biking is no exception. Train at least 2–3 times a week - or more. Unlike running, biking doesn’t fatigue the body so much, so train as often as possible.

But when you start feeling tired and your muscles get sore, take a break and give your body time to re-energize.