How to train cardio

Why Rowing Machine?


Aerobic training with rowing machine develops the whole body, and it doesn’t take much time, especially in the beginning, when you usually train twice a week. During training at home you can listen to music or even watch TV - this will help you focus your thoughts on something else and you won’t even notice when the time flies and you’re still training! Regular exercise will not only improve your physical condition but also your well-being.

Development of many muscle groups

Rowing is a sustained, developmental training because it engages almost all the main muscle groups.

Systematic training will improve your circulatory system, help burn fat and improve your general body efficiency.

Rowing doesn’t stress the joints, and it strengthens muscles, burns calories and carves a beautiful body.

Precise training

The rowing machine is perfect for aerobic training because it allows you to maintain one tempo. It also offers the possibility of adjusting the difficulty of an exercise: anybody can adjust the machine for his or her endurance and expectations. The training engages most muscles, so it is a great solution not only for people who are interested in carving their muscles but also for people who want to improve their endurance and lose weight (especially when the training is regular and sustained).