How to train cardio

Why swimming?

Swimming is not only good fun. First of all it is one of the most versatile and safe sport disciplines! Swimming will improve your conditioning, health and well-being.

Swimming is for everybody

Almost anyone can train swimming. You can be old or young, healthy or ill.

Swimming is recommended not only for healthy people but also for people with injuries who cannot train any other sports. If your joints are weak, you have spinal problems, back pains or any other issues with your muscles or bones, swimming is most definitely a sport for you (of course you always have to consult your doctor first).

You can swim all year long

If you don’t have any natural water pools in the area where you live or if weather conditions don’t allow you to swim outdoors, don’t worry. You can find public swimming pools almost everywhere. It’s even better to train in a swimming pool. It’s easier to train because the water is still and the bottom is safe. In addition, a lifeguard is watching over you throughout the whole training, so you can focus on the exercise and its techniques. A swimming pool will help you maintain a right tempo and pulse. This way swimming becomes really good aerobic training.

Swimming is healthy

Thanks to systematic swimming you’ll strengthen the muscles around your spine, and you’ll improve your posture and prevent joint, bone and spine illnesses. Exercise in the water can slow down the aging process and improve your immune system. You’ll improve your circulatory and respiratory systems as well.

  • But there are more advantages to swimming:
  • It improves the efficiency of bones and muscles.
  • It improves your flexibility.
  • It improves your joints.
  • It improves your movement coordination.
  • It keeps your skin young (thanks to improved blood flow during the training).
  • It improves the respiratory volume of your lungs.
  • It burns fat very quickly.
  • It improves your well-being.

You can be sure that swimming will provide you many positive effects!