How to train cardio

Outfit and shoes

If you decide to train with aerobics you have to remember that it’s almost impossible to exercise in normal clothes. You need to buy clothes and shoes for aerobics. If you don’t, you’ll be irritated and feel discomfort during the training.

The outfit

Clothes should be well fitting but allow airflow - you have to feel comfortable! If your clothes are too tight, they will limit your movement.

It’s good to wear a band or a bandana to avoid sweat dripping into your eyes.

Don’t wear clothes that don’t breathe - they can raise your body temperature too much, which can prove to be unhealthy. Your outfit should absorb humidity produced by your body during the training. A sweatshirt or normal T-shirt combined with a track suit will do as an aerobics outfit.


The comfort of your feet is essential - both for your health and well-being. You cannot exercise without proper shoes.

You have to buy shoes suitable for aerobics that have reinforced heels and lining. There are many types of shoes suitable for aerobics. That’s why you should look for them in athletics or specialty sports shops. A qualified sales person will help you choose a proper pair.

Remember that shoes have to absorb the power of impact caused by running in place, jumping and stepping.