How to train cardio

Start training

Choose a proper device

Before you start exercising you have to decide which device you’ll buy. Nowadays there are many Orbitreks available. Unfortunately, most of them are of a bad quality (some are really cheap, but it’s not worth buying them). The cheapest devices are loud, don’t provide smooth movement, and break often. You have to know that if you want to train with the Orbitrek, you must spend a large sum of money.

While choosing, remember the following:

  • Choose a quiet device. Loud ones won’t allow you to focus on the training.
  • Try it out in the shop and check if it provides smooth movement.
  • Look for a device with a computer with an integrated exercise program. This will help you maintain your pulse, count calories, measure your distances, and record your time.

Be efficient

Remember that even though the Orbitrek improves endurance and burns fat, you have to train regularly if you want to achieve positive effects.

  • Maintain your pulse at 70–80% during exercise to burn calories most efficiently.
  • Keep your posture upright during training.
  • Do a warm up before every training.
  • Take time to cool down after every training. This phase should last about 5 minutes. Decrease your tempo until you stop completely.
  • During the training, do 2-minute interval phases in which you set the difficulty of the exercise higher.
  • Train three times a week. When your endurance improves, you’ll be able to train four or five times a week.