How to train cardio

Why Orbitrek?


Orbitrek is comfortable. The smooth movement of legs and arms causes no impact or discomfort. If you cannot or shouldn’t run and you want to lose weight, then Orbitrek is great for you. It won’t wear on your joints or spine.

It offers comfortable exercise, and it gives you the effects that you want. It engages more muscles than, for example, a stationary bike.

Other advantages of Orbitrek

  • It provides a smooth movement during exercise. This way, even an intensive training seems easier than training with other fitness devices.
  • Your feet don’t hit the ground and the weight on your joints and spine almost doesn’t exist. It’s a perfect device for older people, the obese or people with back and hip problems.
  • It develops the whole body because it engages all the larger muscle groups.
  • It burns more calories than other devices of this type.
  • It improves the circulatory and respiratory systems.
  • It combines the functions of three different devices.
  • It gives you the comfort of exercising in your own home without the necessity of going out to the gym.
  • Regular training improves the density of bones, which prevents osteoporosis.
  • Regular training improves your well-being.