How to train cardio

Types of skates

It’s really important to buy good skates if you want to avoid abrasions and injuries and if you want your training to be efficient.

Good skates equal the fun because:

  • They are comfortable.
  • They hold and support the foot.
  • If they have good wheels and ball bearings, they provide a smooth ride.
  • They absorb most shocks during your ride.

So if you think about skating, you have to prepare yourself for some expense. Of course there are also cheaper roller skates that are pretty good. It’s best to ask around (ask in skate shops, ask friends who already have skates, or ask skaters in the park near your home) and you can find good gear at a reasonable price.

Types of roller skates

There are a few types of roller blades. They are constructed in various ways because they have various uses.

  • Professional skates for extreme rides and tricks have small, very durable wheels. They’re perfect for skate park tricks but aren’t made for travelling long distances.
  • Recreational skates are great if you treat skating as a hobby. They will also be the best choice if you want to use skating as aerobic training. They allow riding on all hard surfaces. You can travel long distances. Recreational skates have bigger wheels and can travel on uneven surfaces (although it’s not recommended) and allow you to ride fast. They are also pretty maneuverable.
  • Speed skates allow you to ride really, really fast. They can gain speed quickly and absorb most shocks during skating. But there are disadvantages also; they aren’t too maneuverable so you need long, straight tracks to ride on. These types of skates usually don’t have any breaks so you have to be experienced to use them.

So, the best solution for every beginner is to buy recreational skates, which probably will last for years to come. If you get more experience and start to feel comfortable enough you can start thinking about buying professional or speed skates.