How to train cardio

Why roller skating?

Roller skating can serve as great aerobic training. It affects your body and your state of mind.

Healthy relaxation

Roller skating is a combination of fun and exercise. Just an hour can oxygenate your body and exert you. In this way you’ll burn calories and get fit.

There’s also other advantages: roller skates can be a means of transport. You won’t have to worry about parking spots or crowded buses. You can move from one place to another without any problems - to work, shopping or to visit friends. You also won’t have any problem with storing them, because they’re relatively small. You can travel a distance of 6 miles in only one hour. You can even commute to your work if the distance isn’t too far. And if you don’t want to sweat before work, you can always pack your roller skates in a bag and use them on your way back home.

  • Skating is good no matter how old you are. You can gain a lot of benefit from regular skating:
  • You’ll burn calories.
  • You’ll strengthen your muscles.
  • You’ll improve your flexibility.
  • You’ll improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • You’ll improve your motor coordination.
  • You’ll improve your state of mind and well-being.

Strengthen your leg and back muscles

Roller skating provides better circulatory exercise than stationary devices like steppers. Roller skating provides advantages similar to those provided by cycling or running and works even better in some aspects.

You move naturally and smoothly while skating, which improves the development of thighs and buttocks muscles, which are used less in other training. In addition, skating doesn’t put as much stress on joints, tendons and ligaments as running does. You only need 30 minutes a day to improve your shape and avoid the risk of heart problems.

Even though you need about 30 minutes to train, you’ll spend much more time skating because it’s great fun and gives you many opportunities to meet new people or spend time among your family and friends. You can take your partner and your children to a park and skate together, you can call your friend and catch up with him while skating. You won’t even notice as the time passes by, and you’ll be developing your body the whole time.