How to train cardio

Types of stepper machines

  • The side-stepper machine: The side stepper helps you to step from side to side to target your inner and outer thigh muscles as well. It is perfect for when you want to firm up your thighs from all angles.
  • The twist-stepper workout machine: The twist-stepper machine performs a twisting motion while you step. It then targets your abs and your obliques while the stepping action targets your lower body.
  • The elliptical stepper machine: The elliptical stepper machine has elliptical arms that will help to tone your upper body as well as your lower body. Some of these stepper machines also move in a more elliptical way.
  • The stair-stepper machine: The stair stepper machine is the type that you would find in most gyms; it is much more stable than most steppers.
  • The mini-stepper machine: Mini-stepper machines are the mini version of the big steppers. They have no handles, and it may be a bit difficult for you to balance on one.