How to train cardio

3 levels of Nordic Walking

There are three levels of Nordic Walking. Each has a different goal and intensity. But the technique of walking always stays the same, no matter your fitness level.

1. Health level:

This level is for people who want to improve their endurance and for people who have experienced some kind of injury. Nordic Walking is a good form of rehabilitation (it’s suitable for people who have suffered from long illnesses or heart conditions and for people after surgery). This level is also good for people on a diet who want to lose some weight. It helps burn fat. Training on this level is pleasant and not too intensive. It improves endurance, oxygenates the body and relaxes muscles.

2. Fitness level:

If you want to diversify your training, this level is for you. It combines Nordic Walking with fitness exercises that improve your stamina and toughness. Regular training is essential on this level. You have to train at least three times a week for at least an hour and a half.

3. Sport level:

The last level is all about diversifying the technique; it is the most demanding level. It is a training suitable for athletes who want to improve their upper body muscles. The exercises are pretty exhausting as it includes adding jumps and running.