How to train cardio

Why Nordic Walking?

Recently you may have seen more and more people exercising by Nordic Walking in the streets, parks, on beaches and in the woods. It gets more and more popular each year. It’s good for everyone no matter the age, that’s why everybody does it - from children to seniors.

Nordic Walking is fun for everyone

Everyone can do it - no matter your age.

When the weather is good a walk with poles is a pure pleasure, and you soon forget that you do it to exercise. And that is a good thing - the more pleasant the exercise, the more eager we are to do it!

The biggest advantage of Nordic Walking is that you can train with a partner or in groups. You can meet many new people or spend time exercising with good friends. You will soon convince them to train with you. It’s a good alternative to watching TV or drinking beer in a pub.

You don’t have to go to any gym or look for special tracks to train, because you can exercise almost anywhere you want! All you need to do is take your poles, get out of the house and start your training!

Health advantages

The list of advantages is really impressive:

  • Nordic walking has the same positive effects as running, but it doesn’t stress joints or spine.
  • It helps to burn 40% more fat than normal walking.
  • It develops your abdominal muscles, your chest, back and shoulders.
  • It helps to relax the neck and shoulders, which can eliminate numbness and soreness.
  • It improves your well-being.

Nordic Walking is good for people who:

  1. Have problems with reaching their optimal pulse while walking normally.
  2. Want to diversify their training.
  3. Need to lose weight because of their health problems.
  4. Do not want to stress their joints.
  5. Have heart problems and need a new means of rehabilitation.
  6. Have orthopedic problems.
  7. Have problems with balance or movement coordination.
  8. Need outdoor exercise because of their age.
  9. Like long, outdoor walks.